DomainScore Explained

DomainScore is our own proprietary metric that shows the quality and strength of a domains backlink profile on a logarithmic scale of 0-100, higher is better.

Compared to certain competing metrics we try to give a more authentic number simulating how we think Google might see the backlinks.

You can get the numbers from our free bulk tool or 10 domains at a time using our simple API (try for free). And if you are logged in you can see the DomainScore in Rank compared to rank positions in Google and other metrics.

How we calculate DomainScore

We select up to 20 000 backlinks that matters from our own database pointing to the domain. This is only links from real websites ignoring spam, garbage, deep web, extra sitewide links and links from asia. In other words the cream of links.

Our formula looks at:

  • The DomainScore of the domain that link (slight smaller version of DomainScore).
  • If the backlink is on the home page or subpage.
  • The number of other links from the linking page, obviously lower is better.
  • The IP numbers of the domains that links. How is it spread, in what way? Natural or not?
  • For which countries are the IP numbers hosted in, who is the owner (ISP) of the IPs, how is it distributed? Does it look natural?
  • Is there any other domains that redirects to the domain and if so what is the DomainScore of those domains?
  • The number of unique URLs and anchors used in all of the backlinks to the target domain.

The DomainScore formula was programmed by Jim Westergren and it is the 620 lines of code that he is most proud of. It takes around 0.3 seconds to calculate the DomainScore of a domain with many backlinks (without cache) using our 9 dedicated servers (1 php, 1 mysql, 2 redis and 5 cassandra). We cache the number for 15 days.

Of course the DomainScore is going to differ a lot from other competing metrics but give it a chance, you might be surprised how good it is :)

Written by: Jim Westergren
Last updated: 2018-08-28