We offer a wide variety of exceptional SEO-tools to give you the edge on the digital marketplace.

  • Backlinks
    Quickly see the most important backlinks for a domain.
  • Domain valuation
    Get an estimated valuation of a domain.
  • API
    Use our API to get backlinks and metrics data.
  • Site issues
    See site specific issues, such as IP-blocks and spam flags.
  • Data and metrics
    View valuable domain related data and metrics, all gathered in one place.
  • List domains by IP, adsense or analytics
    View domains sharing the same IP, adsense or analytics.
  • Rank tracker
    Track metrics for keywords and domains in relation to google search results.
  • Other tools
    We offer a versatile toolset that keeps expanding as we find new ways to provide valuable information and services. Explore our toolset by visiting the tools-page.

Take it from the professionals

Domainstats was built by Jim Westergren and later acquired by Game Lounge Ltd.

Our services are used on a daily basis by SEO-experts around the globe. Here is what some of them have to say about our platform.

Domainstats is a tool that we use daily at Medialight for checking Swedish domains. It's great for getting a fast overview of a websites SEO metrics. I would recommend it to everyone who works with SEO in Sweden.

Shayan Salehi - Medialight Sweden AB
Shayan Salehi

I built Domainstats because I was unsatisfied with most of the existing SEO metrics and deemed it important to collect data from different sources in order to paint a correct picture in a way that you can take a decision quickly without having to click around for each domain. We are now a startup with investment and used by a number of companies on a regular basis.

Jim Westergren - Founder
Jim Westergren

Modifinder is a SEO-agency located in Sweden. Our SEO-professionals have great value of the tool and we get specific insight of webpages, all in one place. Before we had to use multiple tools to get different sorts of data. Not only does Domainstats deliver great webpage insight, it's also super user-friendly and easy to use. All the data is presented in a clean GUI-experience for the user. We strongly recommend Domainstats to whomever is in need of the above.

Måns Gullberg - Modifinder AB
Måns Gullberg