Domainstats is all about displaying important information quickly so that conclusions can be drawn within seconds.


Jim Westergren, Founder of Domainstats, started offering SEO services professionally back in 2005. Some might remember him from when he was featured in the Wall Street Journal and Washington Post in 2006.

9 years later in 2015 a focus was made in his company to purchase domain names on a regular basis and relevant SEO metrics was automatically collected for a list of domain names. Those domain names and metrics was saved in a database.

Jim was unsatisfied with most of the existing SEO metrics and deemed it important to collect data from different sources in order to paint a correct picture on the status of a domain name.

On a day in July 2015 Jim started the Domainstats project and registered the domain name. He programmed the basic domain lookup script displaying data based on the domain in the URL in a single sitting.

He reasoned that it is not the quantity of data that matters but the right data. He built the crawler in PHP and started to crawl and save all links. Originally only the home pages of domains was crawled but this was later expanded to include internal pages linked from the home page as well. He developed his own SEO metrics that was according to users much better reflection of the reality.

It was a crazy idea that he himself with no programming education would be able to build something to compete with moz, ahrefs and majestic - companies with tens of software engineers and thousands of servers - but it seems like it is possible.

Several SEO companies are now using Domainstats on a daily basis and has told us that Domainstats is better than those other companies in presenting important information quickly in a way that you can take a decision.

Jim was working half time on Domainstats as a side project for around 2 years (lots of learning) before he secured the first investment for the project. The project was moved to it's own company, the domain was purchased and web developer Stefan Sjönnebring was employed. Stefan made a complete new front end, the rank project and most of the billing system and lot's of other things. Jim spends 80% of his work time developing Domainstats (20% for taking care of his other company).

All ~15 000 lines of code was rewritten from procedural PHP to modern strict type, object oriented MVC with custom framework. It took around a year ... but we made it!

Current Technology

  • 9 dedicated Apache Cassandra servers
  • 1 dedicated Redis servers
  • 4 dedicated PHP servers
  • 1 dedicated MySQL server
  • 1 dedicated backup server

We have billions of links in our database and for example an API costing much less than others.

Welcome to our journey and I hope you as well will find Domainstats very usable as a tool in your work. If you like Domainstats we would love to hear from you.

Thank you user for making this possible.

Update in 2023

The business operations of Domainstats did not proceed as anticipated. Consequently, all assets were transferred to Game Lounge Ltd. on October 1, 2023. Game Lounge Ltd. has decided to utilize the system solely for internal purposes.