Affiliate Program

Quick Start

1. Register

Become a registered user of Domainstats by signing up for a free membership on the registration page. All of our registered users are eligible for the affiliate program.

2. Recruit

Recruit new members by sharing the URL for, extended with your unique user id, like this:
You are welcome to link to this from your website, blog, social media and so forth.

3. Earn

Credits are earned through your referrals, as they sign up for any of our paid payment plans. You will earn 100% of the amount every time an invoice is paid by any of your referrals.

1. Registering for membership

By creating an account on the registration-page, you instantly become eligible for our affiliate program and can start earning credits with no strings attached.

All of our registered users are eligible for the affilate program.

2. Recruiting new members

You recruit new members by referring them to - extended with your unique handle: ?from=LOGIN_TO_SEE_YOUR_ID.

You can link to any public part of Domainstats, as long as the handle is present. Some examples:

The referred user has to sign up for a free account within one week after using the URL that you've provided. Within this week, the affiliate link will not be overridden by any other affiliate links.

3. Earning credits

Credits are earned through the paid invoices of your recruited members to a rate of 100% of their respective payment plan cost (taxes excluded). You can display the number of recruits on your account page, but the recruits will remain anonymous.

For example, if you recruit a member who then in turn signs up for the payment plan Standard - Monthly for the cost of $149 per month, this will generate a total of $149 in credits for your account. However, if the users you have recruited then accumulates credits of their own, this will affect the amount that you earn via these particular users.

The accumulated credits will be deposited and spent upon signing up for any of our payment plans, which in theory can render any paid payment plan to become free of charge. Any credits earned after signing up for paid payment plan can be deposited at any time manually on the account overview.