Small investment, great results

Upgrade your account and extend your weekly credits rate. We offer a variety of payment plans that should fit everyone from small business owners, to large enterprises.


$0 per month Register


10 credits / week

Real Time Data

1 tracked domains

BASIC Domain List Access


50 credits / week

5 calls / minute


$59 per month Subscribe


200 credits / week

Real Time Data

50 tracked domains

BASIC Domain List Access


2000 credits / week

30 calls / minute


$149 per month Subscribe


500 credits / week

Real Time Data

300 tracked domains

EXTENDED Domain List Access


10000 credits / week

60 calls / minute


$599 per month Subscribe


3000 credits / week

Real Time Data

1000 tracked domains

FULL Domain List Access


200000 credits / week

300 calls / minute


What is your refund policy?

We have a no questions asked, automatic refund of the full amount within 14 days of payment. You can manage your subscription directly via the account page or contact [email protected].

Can I change my payment plan?

You can change plan at any moment. The days left on your current plan will reduce future payment amounts.

How does cancellation work?

You can either activate cancellation of future payments or cancel your plan effective immediately.

Do you provide VAT invoices?

Yes, you will get a valid VAT invoice in PDF for each payment.

Still have questions?

Send us an email at [email protected] or use our contact form.


About credits

Our in-house currency called credits is what our users spend to use our tools. The credits are split into two separate pools, one for our browser based tools and one for API-calls. In other words, spending credits on our tools does not affect the pool of credits that can be spent on API-calls, and vice versa.

Cost examples

Tool Cost
Domain Lookup 1
Domain Lookup of .se domain on the droplist 5
IP/Adsense/Analytics Lookup 2
Keyword Suggest Tool 10
Bulk domain lookup Tool 5
Scrape Google for a new keyword 10
API Calls - Please see seperate list on