Newsletter - 2019-05

Updates on Domainstats, try our new site crawler

Hello ##name##,
We would like to update you on the development of

We have just added two, brand new tools to our ever growing SEO-toolbox. We hope that these tools will prove as useful to you, as they have been for us. Read along to find out what they can do for you.

New tool: Site Crawler

The Site Crawler allows you to crawl any website and get a full list of technical errors and issues such as HTTP status codes, rel canonical, meta, headers, word count etc. This is an essential tool for any on-page work and site audit. Give it a spin by visiting tools/site-crawler or read the blog article for a brief walkthrough of the tool.

New tool: Natural Language Categories

This tool will extract the text from a webpage for any given URL, translate it to english using Google Translate and then submit the text to Google's Natural Language API for content classification. The results gives a unique look into how Google might understand the text on a webpage and could answer questions such as if the text is sufficiently relevant to the topic you want to rank for. Try it out by visiting tools/nl-categories.

New account features

In case you missed it, some time ago we also added two additional account features which enables you to track lost backlinks and broken links for your domains.

Visit account/lost-backlinks to view any lost backlinks. You'll be able to see where they came from, the DomainScore of each domain and when it was discovered to be lost.

Visit account/broken-links to view any broken links present on your domains. Here you'll be able to see where your broken links are located, their destination, the HTTP status code they respond with and when they were found.

The data in both of these features are updated on a regular basis. Keeping you updated on your own domains!

Correlation Studies done with DomainScore and Competing SEO Metrics

How does our own proprietary metric fare against the biggest SEO big data companies equivalent metrics? Find out by reading the study "Correlation Studies done with DomainScore and Competing SEO Metrics" written by Jim Westergren - the results might surprise you!

We will have more exciting news to share in the upcoming months, stay tuned for more information.