Our SEO Difficulty Score is improved

How we calculate this number and why it is important.

Jim Westergren



An important skill for anyone working with SEO, is the ability to measure how difficult or easy it is to rank a certain keyword or keyphrase.

By looking at our keyword pages, for example our swedish list, you can see the SEO Difficulty score for each one of our keywords.

I just spent around 25 hours this week to improve our calculation formula and I thought I'd share the info here in this blog.

How we do the calculation

First of all, we check which URLs are ranking in the top 15 in Google and for every URL we check:

We take all data and do some complex math to give a score between 0 (extremely easy) and 1000 (really difficult).

Doing this manually can be a very tedious task. And in my experience our formula gives a better assessment of the difficulty, than a manual estimate.

Commercial Value and KEI

We (of course) also have a formula to calculate a keyword's Commercial Value.

KEI, Keyword Efficiency Index, is the relationship between the Commercial Value and the SEO difficulty score, calculated simply as: (commercial_value/seo_difficulty) * 100. So the higher the KEI, the better the opportunity in terms of high commercial value in relation to keyword difficulty.

Examples for

KeywordSEO DifficultyKEI
health insurance865271
seo consultant chicago15775
truck accident lawyer1821101

Examples for

KeywordSEO DifficultyKEI
låna pengar282436
målare gävle6324
hyra husbil8580

I hope this will help you make better decisions, and save time in the process.