Revamp of our Google Rankings, introducing Rank Analysis and new account features

We have greatly improved our Google Rankings section with the new Rank Analysis, making it one of the most essential tools we have ever created. Additionally, we added some neat new account features.

Stefan Sjönnebring



The last couple of months has been an eye-opener for us at Domainstats. It all started with Jim Westergren (the founder of Domainstats) having this idea of trying to pin down the correlation between the ranking of a URL and different SEO on-page and off-page factors and presenting it all in an accessible way. What if we could tell you exactly what changes that needs to be done, in order to rank higher?

We brainstormed some ideas and started to code, and as development progressed - we knew we had struck gold.

The Keyword View

We have expanded the contents of the table immensely, presenting data on pretty much every aspect available for each of the top ranking URLs. Making it clear as day, what separates each ranking URL from one another. This may be a great pointer of where you need to put your efforts in order to climb the SERP. All data is also freely available to be copied directly into Excel or Google Sheets.

The Keyword View
Example URL:

The Rank Analysis page

Expanding even further upon the data presented in the Keyword View - by clicking on one of the blue buttons on the left hand side, you will access an extensive Rank Analysis of the chosen top ranking URL. This analysis maps out every important aspect of the URL, and how it stacks up against it's competitors.

We kept the graph for historic rankings for the chosen domain, while also adding graphs for each notable attribute, resulting in a clear visual presentation that is easy to interpret. If you see a steady trend towards a certain aspect in relation to the ranking pages - you probably should pay some attention to that.

The Rank Analysis
Example URL:

We currently have around 500 000 Rank Analysis pages, constantly being updated around the clock.

The new and enhanced Google Rankings section is now live and public to all. And we intend to expand upon it's usability in the future, to cater to all of our users.

New account features

The account services has been expanded with two new features:

account/rankings - This feature was added to help keep track of all your ranking URLs, for the domains added to your account and the keywords we are currently tracking. This gives you a brief overview of all your rankings, and each row provides a link directly to the Rank Analysis page.

Account feature: Google Rankings
An overview of all your Google Rankings, across all your domains.

account/backlinks - This feature gives you a brief overview of your top 10 backlinks, for the domains added to your account. A handy feature to keep track of your most valuable backlinks, especially when working with multiple domains.

Account feature: Top Backlinks
An overview of your top 10 backlinks for each of your domains.

And as always, we will keep improving our existing account services to track Broken Links and Lost Backlinks.